How Does Provably Fair Gambling Work?

Provably fair gambling ensures that the outcome of any bet is verifiably random. That means no one can manipulate it. The system is based on cryptography and relies on blockchain to make sure records are immutable – that no one can change those records after the fact and claim foul play. Here is an in-depth description of how Provably Fair Gambling works

Provably Fair Games are Open

The first step towards verifying the randomness of the outcome on any game, is to know the algorithm of the game. Players must be able to see how the algorithm works, but at the same time they cannot have access to them in a way in which they can tamper with the results they produce. In other words, for a game to be provably fair, access to information is crucial but nothing that each party – the casino or the player – can do, should affect the outcome of the game.

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Cryptography Underpins Provably Fair Gambling

To achieve this, players and casinos should be given the results of any bet simultaneously in a way in which neither party can change them, but both can verify that the result is random according to how the game’s algorithm was designed. Cryptography and blockchain provide an artful solution to achieve this.
The basis of this solution lies in cryptographic hash functions, which turn data into a unique string – a hash – which is unbreakable with today’s technology. This allows the casino to share the result of the game with the player before the bet is placed without revealing the outcome of the game. Blockchain comes in to record every single transaction in the game, so that every single transaction in the game (the seed, the game, the result, the player’s bet, the payout) are recorded immutably.

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How does Provably Fair Gaming Work?

All these technical terms might seem complicated, so here is an approximation of how it works using a real word example. Take ballot boxes for example. They have a slot through which people deposit an envelope to cast a vote. They are deep enough so no one can reach the votes inside from that slot. Imagine ballot boxes that are also made out of strong materials and are locked with a padlock that no one can open without a key. Furthermore, no one can open that ballot box without all the key holders being present.
The only two parties who have a key to that box when it comes to provably fair gambling, are you, the gambler, and the casino. Suppose neither of you can use the key because it is locked within the game you are playing now. Just after you spin, roll the dice or draw cards, will the game give you and the casino the key to unlock the ballot box. Meanwhile, the algorithm drops the result of the next spin, roll or draw you are going to make into the ballot box through the slot, before you spin, roll or draw.
Now you have a situation in which you and the casino can open the ballot box, knowing the result of the bet you placed, and you can both compare it with the outcome the algorithm predicted which should be inside the tamper-proof ballot box. No one can cheat, and since you know how the algorithm behaves, you can verify the randomness of the result as well.

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Complex Provably Fair Systems

There are games for which this process will require multiple ballot boxes and multiple keys at the same time. Provably fair card games for instance, require one ballot box for each card drawn. That is, these games require one hash per card drawn. Thankfully, all these processes are done quickly, and they do not affect the speed of the game you are playing.

Verify Provably Fair Gambling

Now that you know how provably fair gambling works, you should be thinking about how you can verify all this by yourself. Unless you want to take the time after every spin, roll or draw, and develop the expertise to do so, what you can do is check with the provider that develops and verifies the use of this technology. Bgaming is the name of that company, and you can head right over to their site to check for games that actually comply with provably fair gambling. Our staff here at CryptoWild is proud to say that all our Bgaming games comply with provably fair gambling standards, and you have nothing to worry about. When it comes to the games we host, the result of every spin, roll or draw is 100% verifiably random and tamper-free!

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