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CryptoWild is all about the rising stars in the industry. That is why we bring you games from one of the most unique boutique software providers in the industry. Habanero Systems is a power house within the boutique software provider sector mainly because of its creativity and attention to detail on its games. Enthusiasts have been raving about Habanero’s games ever since they started popping up at well-established casinos, and are now actively looking for them. Here is our insight into why this is happening and how Habanero conquered so many hearts and minds in such a brief period. This provider has expanded like few others have, since it was established in 2010, but especially from 2012 onwards, when it was bought by a group of investors. The result of the investment is clear: Habanero Systems provides a rapidly increasing suite of games for an industry that is constantly looking for innovative features and captivating storylines.

Habanero Advances Towards New Heights:

Habanero was established in 2010. In the year 2012, it started expanding at break-neck speeds, when it was acquired by a group of investors. Ever since, Habanero games have been featuring in more and more casinos, in part due to their incredible gaming selection and its carefully crafted games. Habanero is also great at mastering the latest technology quickly. Here is a list of Habanero achievements in the last few years that illustrate that:

  • An impressive gaming selection that includes 70 slot games, 10 table games and 10 video poker games.
  • 4 different types of jackpots on a 4-spin cycle for Habanero slot games: Grand jackpot, major jackpot, minor jackpot and mini jackpot.
  • Habanero games put an emphasis on quality over quantity. The development of every game reflects the software provider’s constant pursuit of excellence.
  • Habanero games are HTML5 base, meaning they are designed with the latest browsing and mobile gaming technology in mind.

More About Habanero Games

From the information above it is clear that Habanero systems is actively positioning itself in the software provider market, as one of the top developers. The level of detail in its games, the uniqueness of the storylines and their diversity, coupled with rich graphics and fantastic sound effects make Habanero games stand out.

Here is a brief list of some of our favorite Habanero games that embody all these special features:

Habanero Games at CryptoWild

Here are some awesome online games by Habanero at CryptoWild, the Best 2018 Cruptocurrency casino:

Now that you know what Habanero Games is all about, how its incredibly generous jackpot system works, and what to expect from the games themselves, you can dive in yourself and start spinning right here at CryptoWild. We are sure that you will enjoy these games, and your gaming experience will be enhanced by our exceptional customer care and our wonderful bonuses. So, go ahead, start spinning and winning on Habanero games at CryptoWild!</p>

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