October 30, 2018

Challenge Habanero’s Dragon Tiger And Stuff Your Pockets With Cash!

One of the most interesting games out there, Dragon Tiger provides entertainment and a sophisticated strategic environment for people who like to look at their odds, play with numbers in their heads and then feel the adrenaline rush as they place a bet on the table. This game by Habanero is certainly unique, with elements of other classic casino games, including Baccarat, coming together in an innovative fashion. Here is what you need to know to be crowned the king of Dragon Tiger and to stuff your pockets with all the cash you can possibly imagine!

Dragon Tiger: The Most Exciting Card Game Out There

At its most basic level, Dragon Tiger is a card game in which the player can place bets on 2 different sides of the table – one is the dragon and the other the tiger. The computer draws one card per round on each side and pays out according to the bet the player placed. These are the details of the kinds of bets a player can place on each side of the table:

  • The most basic bet has to do with who wins the draw: the dragon or the tiger. Odds on that bet are even at 50:50, and it is almost tantamount to playing black or red on a roulette game.
  • Cards have other attributes that allow the game to have a greater strategic depth. Players can place bets on the height of the card for instance: A player bets on “Big” if they think the card will be ranked from 8 to K, or small if they think the card will be ranked from Ace to 6. If the card drawn is a 7, then both bets lose.
  • Again, the bets can be placed at either side of the table, so theoretically a player can lose on the dragon vs tiger level but still win on the big vs small level. A player can also place a big vs small bet on both sides of the table and win on both.
  • Players can also play suits with pay outs of 3:1. Guessing the right suit will yield a win for the player, unless the card is a 7. Just like any other bet in this game, it can be done on either side of the table or both sides if the player wishes to expand their betting range.

Powerful Wins on Dragon Tiger!

Now that you know just how powerful your wins can be on Dragon Tiger, it is time to place those chips on the table. Let those wins fly your way on this incredible game, right here at CryptoWild, where our staff is constantly looking to enhance your gaming experience with top-notch customer care and the best bonuses around. Just start strategizing, place your bets and win big on Dragon Tiger!

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