September 26, 2018

The Golden Owl Of Athena Brings You Some Jackpot Wisdom!

Few topics allow designers to explore the depth of their creativity like Greek Mythology does. That is exactly the reason why the developers at BetSoft chose the topic to develop an exquisite game based on The Golden Owl of Athena. The goddess of wisdom and her owl are part of an incredible story line that designers brought forth on this sophisticated game that gives players a plethora of tools and features to score huge wins.

How Wild is The Golden Owl of Athena?

The Golden Owl of Athena has unique elements that make it such a captivating slot game while giving players great chances to win by crafting complex strategies or just taking it for a simple spin. This 5-reel 10-pay line game has a little bit of everything. Here are the elements you can use to craft a complex strategy or to simply spin away, enjoying all the elements of Greek mythology:

  • The Golden Owl of Athena has 12 symbols: J through Ace, a hoplite helmet, a hoplite spear, a Greek vase, the tree of wisdom, the Parthenon, Athena, the Free Spin Golden Owl and the Golden Owl with the jeweled necklace.
  • Both Golden Owls are the carriers of wisdom and the special symbols.
  • Aligning 3 Free Spin Golden Owls will yield 8 Free Spins; 4 will give you 12 Free Spins and 5 will bring a whopping 20 Free Spins.
  • The other Golden Owl is the wild symbol, and it will replace any other symbol on a line to complete a win.
  • Additionally, The Golden Owl of Athena has 2 special features that allow players to strategize: the double or nothing coin toss and the Free Spin purchase option.
  • After every win, players can choose to flip an ancient Greek coin, selecting head or tails. If they win the coin toss, they will double their win.
  • The Free Spin purchase option allows players to bid for 20 Free Spins. Once they get their Free Spins through either purchase or because they aligned Golden Owls, the game will pick a symbol and turn it into a special symbol for the duration of the Free Spin rounds.
  • Hitting 3 special symbols anywhere on the reels during the Free Spin rounds will turn all the reel into the special symbol and will add to the player’s win on the round. Special symbol wins can make Free Spin purchases very lucrative!

With the Wisdom you Gained it is Time to Spin and Win!

Now that you have the wisdom of The Golden Owl of Athena, it is time to start spinning and winning wild jackpots! The crew here at CryptoWild is eager to elevate your gaming experience and your chances of hitting a huge jackpot, through their exceptional customer care and all those wild bonuses. Just go ahead, start strategizing on this amazing game and celebrate victory with the Greek goddess of wisdom, war and huge jackpots!

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