July 17, 2018

Unmask The Person Behind The Revolution And Discover Satoshi's Secret!

Go down the Bitcoin rabbit hole, try to discover who is really behind one of the greatest innovations of the 21st century and discover Satoshi’s Secret. While you are at it, line your pockets with this incredible Endorphina game. This iconic slot game will give you a plethora of combinations to win with and line your pockets with as many of those dwindling 21 million coins that Satoshi created.

Hash That Huge Win on Satoshi’s Secret!

This masterpiece by Endorphina has all the details needed to show you how Bitcoin is unlike anything else, and how Satoshi’s Secret is unlike any other secret out there. The uniqueness of this game is clear right off the bat: the game is built on a 6-reel display – just the right number to strengthen its cryptic nature. The game has 20 pay lines that will allow you to align everything you need to score huge wins. Here is what you need to decipher to become a legend on Satoshi’s Secret:

  • Satoshi’s Secret has 12 symbols: a series of letters – R,Y,T,Q,E,W – the Pound, Euro and Dollar signs, a chip image, a Bitcoin image and Satoshi’s image.
  • Aligning 4 or more Bitcoin symbols will trigger a trading game in which players can play the market and trade the currencies for a profit.
  • A play on the 6 letter-symbols will unlock a mountain of cash. Players who manage to align the symbols in a specific sequence that spells “QWERTY” – the top 6 letters on a standard keyboard from left to right – that will allow players to hack into a bank account and take a ton of cash.
  • There are 3 levels of difficulty on the hack: Green, yellow and red. Green is the easiest to hack and red is the most difficult. The colors will determine the chances you have of taking mountains of coins home.
  • Satoshi is the scatter symbol. Aligning 3 or more, will trigger Free Spins.
  • The chip is the wild symbol that replaces every symbol except for the Bitcoin and Satoshi’s symbol.
  • Like on any Endorphina game, players can play a mini-game for a double or nothing win. Draw a higher card than the computer draws from the 4 options on the screen, and you can double the amount of money you win on every round.

Play Satoshi’s Secret Like a Boss and Win Big!

Now that you know how to play Satoshi’s Secret, it is time for you to spin and discover what Bitcoin is all about. In the process you will be able to line your pockets beyond your wildest dreams. Our staff here at CryptoWild will make sure you have the best bonuses and top-notch customer care to make your journey through Satoshi’s world much more exciting. So, go ahead, start spinning to discover Satoshi’s Secret and make a mountain of money!

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