March 14, 2022


Hold onto your lab coats - are you ready for the mathiest of all mathematical celebrations!? Here at Cryptowild we don’t discriminate, come one come all, we want to celebrate with you! Now, before we get into our juicy celebrations, let’s blow your mind with the facts.

So Pi Day was founded by Physicist Larry Shaw (who said nerds can’t have fun?) in 1988 and is a celebration of the mathematical constant representing the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter (not the delicious baked good you had in mind). Stay with us. So Pi, or π, always equals 3.14159, hence the international day of Pi celebrations falling on March (03) the 14th - get it?

Ok, so you didn’t come here for a maths lesson, you came here for the pi-arty. Let’s get back to that.

In celebrating International Pi Day we’re giving you 31.4% bonus on every deposit you make today. We’re not giving you an excuse to eat pie on 14 March, we’re giving you bonuses (and isn’t that so much more?)

  • Get a 31.4% bonus International Pi Day.
  • You can claim the bonus on each and every deposit you make during the day.
  • Minimum deposits 0.001 BTC, 0.1 ETH / BCH / LTC, 5000 DOGE and 15 USDT.
  • Head right over to your favorite games and play on any you like with your bonus, which you can claim on March 14.

And for just a little more piversity, don’t forget the rest of our special offers:

𝝅 1st deposit welcome bonus (150% up to 1 BTC, 10 BCH / ETH, 50 LTC) with an extra 150 free spins
𝝅 2nd deposit bonus (50% up to 1 BTC, 10 BCH / ETH, 50 LTC, 2,000,000 DOGE)
𝝅 3rd deposit bonus (50% up to 1 BTC, 10 BCH / ETH, 50 LTC, 2,000,000 DOGE)
𝝅 4th deposit bonus (50% up to 1 BTC, 10 BCH / ETH, 50 LTC, 2,000,000 DOGE)
𝝅 Wild Wednesday free spin bonuses
𝝅 Manic Monday Bonuses: get a 25% bonus on your 1st deposit, 35% bonus on your 2nd deposit, and a whopping 50% on your 3rd deposit every Monday
𝝅 50% TGIF Bonus! Every Friday get a 50% reload on your 1st deposit of the day
𝝅 Wild Cashback Bonus! Weekly Cashback up to 35% cash back bonus every Sunday!

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