September 19, 2018

Win With The Vintage Machine: Lucky 7!

Bring back the thrill of sitting in front of that slot machine, putting a couple of coins in and pulling the lever until it spits out all the money it has in it. There is nothing wilder than the image of that classic win, in which you find yourself frantically picking up all the coins the machine throws at you in an effort to keep up with the pace at which they are coming out! Now you can experience the that same thrill from home with Betsoft’s Lucky 7. Hang on to your chair because this amazing rendition of this casino classic will have your adrenaline pumping through your veins!

Turn A Classic Like Lucky 7 Into the Ultimate Money Maker!

Before you start spinning like crazy, there are a few things you must know about this slot game. This is a classic slot through and through, from the symbols to the bets. Lucky 7 is a 3-reel single-pay line blast from the fast right there on your screen, brought to you by high-speed internet. Here are the symbols you will encounter and their pay outs:

  • Cherries, one bar, two bars, three bars, lucky sevens and the big red 7 are all the symbols you will see on the reels.
  • The pay table is right on the screen, so you will be able to see what your pay out is at all times.
  • That is all this charming classic has to offer, apart from the amazing graphics and the amusing classic side effects.

Win Big on Lucky 7

Now that you know how to shake Lucky 7 and turn it into your money maker, it is time to spin and win like never before. Our staff here at CryptoWild is thrilled to bring you the best customer care in the industry and the wildest bonuses out there to elevate your gaming experience further and give you the best chances to score huge wins! Just go ahead, start spinning and winning with this retro-thriller and become a Lucky 7 legend!

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