June 16, 2018

Wild Father's Day

The Wildest Father’s Day Deal: Dads Get 100%!

Father’s Day is just around the corner and everyone is looking for a suitable present for their fathers. Here at CryptoWild, our crew has come up with the wildest present anyone can give to their dad. For all the amazing effort your father has put into everything, he deserves exactly the kind of deal that will make him smile from ear to ear! This wild bonus will do that and more. Dads get 100% of what they put into every single project, so they can kick back, relax, open a beer and spin as much as they want until they hit those wins!

Wildest Father’s Day Bonus Out There!

That amazing Father’s Day bonus has everything you ever wanted. Here are the details of the bonus and why our staff is convinced this one is the wildest Father’s Day bonus out there:

  • To claim the bonus, make a deposit on Father’s Day, June 17th, 2018. There are no minimum deposit amounts; your 1st deposit of the day gets a bonus!
  • Once you deposit, you will get a whopping 100% bonus on that deposit to spin and reel all those jackpots in!
  • The best part of it all is you can use this amazing 100% Father’s Day bonus on any game you like!

Get to it and Start Spinning for Those Jackpots on Father’s Day!

Now that you understand the details, take this amazing 100% Father’s Day bonus and elevate it with one of those legendary wins on the house. The jackpots are hot and ready for you to bring them home our staff here at CryptoWild is thrilled for you to hit them! With the best customer care in the space, we are eager for you to score huge wins on the wildest Father’s Day bonus out there! So, just go ahead, make that deposit on Father’s Day, select the game you like the most form our wonderful selection and go nuts every time you score a win!

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