May 25, 2019

CryptoWild Has A Smashing Geek Pride Day Bonus For You!

For all the times you were called names, singled out for being quirky or just flat out ridiculed in front of all the popular kids in class, now you get a smashing bonus on May 25th, to hit a huge jackpot on the house and show up in a flashy sports car to your 10 year high school reunion! CryptoWild is all about celebrating whatever made you a geek – which generally means you were smarter than the average person around you. Here is our Geek Pride Day bonus to celebrate that mevery single quirky aspectakes geek culture – and its obsession with sci-fi – unique!

Be a Geek, be Proud, Get Your Bonus!

There is nothing like mutant monsters, dragons and incredible creatures to celebrate Geek Pride Day. To make those amazing creations even better, we have decided to give you your amazing creature fix together with a ton of Free Spins! Here is what you can expect from our Geek Pride Day bonus:

  • Get 15 Free Spins on every single deposit you make during the day.
  • You will be able to use your Free Spins on geek favorite Slotmon Go, to hit legendary jackpots on the house!
  • Every minimum deposit of just 1 mBTC, 0.05 ETH, 0.01 BCH, 0.1 LTC, 5,000 DOGE or 5 USDT you make during May 25th, 2019, will get you another 15 Free Spins!

Hit a Huge Jackpot and Prosper!

Now that you know just how much it pays off to be a geek, come and celebrate geek culture with us. Get your Free Spins on each deposit you make on May 25th. Make sure you follow the wise words of our staff here at CryptoWild – which were inspired by none other than Spock himself – to score an incredible win on the house: Hit a huge jackpot and prosper!

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