January 30, 2018

Deuces Wild

Deuces Wild Takes Poker To The Next Level!

It is time to play the edgy kind of video poker; a version of this incredibly popular game that has a twist. Poker, which is played world-wide by more than 100 million people, is also full of variants, but few deliver on the excitement that BetSoft’s Deuces Wild does. This phenomenal video poker game, uses a single modification on the game to flip the player’s expectations, while bringing a whole host of new winning combinations to the table.

This is How Deuces Wild Works

The main principles of classic poker hold true also on Deuces wild. The player is dealt 5 cards and can then choose to hold on to as many as they want before switching the rest of them once on the bet. The pay-tables are up on the board and available for players to see at all times as well, making the game extremely user friendly.

Beyond the game play however, there are a few variables players must look out for. Chief among them is the key change that gave this game its name. It is called Deuces Wild for a reason, and that is because the number 2 card – the lowest ranking card on the poker hierarchy – becomes a wild card. This change gives the game an incredible twist and elevates the value of the 2 cards above the value of any other card in the game which is important for a few reasons.

More Opportunities to Score Huge Wins on Deuces Wild

If drawing a 2 card on Deuces Wild can raise the strength of your hand, then hitting it on the double or nothing round can really help players score a huge win. After every hand that a player wins on, there is a double or nothing side game. Players can choose to skip it, but those who play, will be asked to draw a card from the 4 on the table. If that card is higher than the one the computer drew, then they will automatically double their wins. If they draw a Wild 2, then a pay-out is guaranteed!

Deuces Wild Will Line your Pockets

So, now that you know how this incredible BetSoft game works, you will be able to draw, strategize and start winning big. Deuces Wild is without a doubt a splendid video poker game with an interesting twist that is also quite generous when it comes to pay-outs, and you can play on it right here at the house of everything that’s wild, CryptoWild! Just go ahead, take your chance, start strategizing and win big on Deuces Wild!

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