April 29, 2019

Go Bananas And Hit A Huge Jackpot!

Nothing like spinning wildly on your favorite game and scoring huge wins! So why not go bananas with one of the most exciting games by Booming Games? Explore what it really means to spin for all the pot on Crazy Bananas, a game that is as wild as it gets! This amazing slot has all the bananas, the imagery and the dynamics you need to make an exciting slot even more thrilling than what you would expect. Here is what you need to know to take Crazy Bananas to the next level and score huge wins while you have a great time.

How Crazy can you go on Crazy Bananas?

This 5-reel, 20-pay line slot is full of fruit, banana leaves and tons of fun. Spinning on it is easy; the game is not complex so you can simply spin joyfully! Nevertheless, there are some features you should become acquainted with before you start spinning:

  • Crazy Bananas has 8 symbols: the one leaf symbol, the two leaves symbol, the three leaves symbol, the pineapple, the coconut, the banana, the wild symbol and the Crazy Bananas symbol.
  • The wild symbol replaces any of the symbols except for the scatter symbol.
  • That Crazy Bananas symbol is the scatter symbol.
  • Hitting 3 Crazy Bananas symbols will trigger a “good banana vs bad banana” game, which acts much like a typical Free Spin round.
  • Within the “good banana vs bad banana” game, you will have 5 Free Spins, and the symbols you will see on the reels will be either good or bad bananas.
  • Aligning good bananas will award you wins while bad bananas don’t. Good bananas can also add to the number of Free Spins you get.
  • Align as many good bananas as you can and at the end of the Free Spin round, the total amount of all your Free Spin wins will be added to your credits.

Ready to Go Bananas Spinning?

Now that you know how to spin and win on Crazy Bananas, it is time to take your chances. Our staff here at CryptoWild is eager to see you hit all the jackpots you can on this crazy game. They will offer you top notch customer care and the best bonuses in the space to enhance your gaming experience. Just go ahead and spin on this amazing game and get ready to go bananas with all the money you can win!

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