October 28, 2019

Take Some Colossal Gems Home With You!

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend they say, but who are they kidding? Diamonds are anyone’s best friends! In fact, all the gems out there are our best friends. Or would you refuse to take a few rubies, emeralds or sapphires home with you? I bet you wouldn’t, and so does Habanero. That is why they designed the perfect game for those of you who would love to dig up the biggest gem in human history and sell it for a boatload of cash. Colossal Gems allows you to do that without getting your hands dirty. Just spin until you hit one of those huge wins the game offers!

Digging up a Winning Colossal Gem

When it comes to jackpot opportunities and thrills, this game is a gem in and of itself. Colossal Gems is a 6-reel, 30-pay line monster of a slot that delivers on huge wins. Here is what you need to know to find those gems that will make you rich:

  • This game has 6 symbols, making it easier to get a winning combination. The symbols are a purple diamond, a green emerald, a light blue square gem, a light blue round gem, an orange pentagon-shaped gem, and a red triangle-shaped gem.
  • Turn your gems into colossal ones each time you win!
  • After a successful spin, one gem will turn into a 2x2 gem, meaning it will occupy 4 tiles, giving you a better chance of winning on the next spin.
  • With consecutive wins, you get colossal gems that are even bigger: 3x3 – occupies 9 tiles – and 4x4 – which occupies a whopping 16 tiles!
  • You get a free re-spin after a winning spin
  • If you accumulate 3 consecutive re-spin wins you get 6 Free Spins
  • During the Free Spins the purple diamond acts as a wild

Colossal Gems Mean Colossal Wins!

Now that you know just how fun and how profitable it is to align Colossal Gems, it is time to jump right into it. Our staff here at CryptoWild is ready to elevate your gaming experience on this amazing game with the best bonuses in the space and the most amazing customer care out there. Just go ahead, start spinning and brace yourself for the wildest wins on Colossal Gems!

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