August 20, 2019

Swat World Mosquito Day Away With A Huge Bonus!

Those annoying bugs that make our daily stroll through the park during the summer a living hell, actually have a day dedicated to them! So, to honor World Mosquito Day, we came up with a huge swatter of a bonus for you to hit a huge jackpot on the house with. When Sir Ronald Ross discovered that female mosquitoes are responsible for transmitting malaria and came up with the idea to celebrate World Mosquito Day, he would have never imagined that we would come back with a swatter this big to smack those mosquitoes away and score huge wins in the process.

CryptoWild Presents: World Mosquito Day Bonus – AKA “The Swatter”

Here is what you can expect to get out of our huge swatter of a World Mosquito Day Bonus:

  • Get a 25% bonus of up to 0.5 BTC or equivalent on World Mosquito Day.
  • You can claim the bonus on each and every deposit you make during the day.
  • Head right over to your favorite games and play on any you like with your bonus, which you can claim on August 20th, 2019.

Swat Those Annoying Mosquitos Away and hit a Huge Jackpot While you do so!

Don’t let all those summertime mosquitoes get the best of you. Head right indoors and start spinning and winning on your favorite games with our World Mosquito Day Bonus. Eliminate any of the mosquitoes who follow you in with the thrill you will feel every time you spin on the house. Swat any mosquito that survives as you jump up and down each time you score a huge win with this amazing bonus. This one is as wild as celebrating mosquitos is insane, so make sure you take advantage of our amazing bonus, claim it as many times as you can and have a swat fest on August 20th, playing your favorite game on the house!

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