February 18, 2019

Craps Meets Roulette In Sic Bo!

What happens when the queen of the casino, the roulette, marries a craps table and people start rolling the dice? The answer is a wildly brainy game that can make you rich in an instant! Sic Bo is an incredible combination of these two casino classics with its own twist. You place bets just like you would on a roulette table, but the result is determined by the roll of three different dice. Pay outs are wild; the excitement of each roll is simply indescribable!

Scoring Wild Wins at Sic Bo

This game – which originated in Asia – is not for the faint of heart. It requires a good measure of strategy, so understanding the 180 possible outcomes can really push your mind to its limits. But if you are more of a gut player, you know that you just need one roll of the dice to go your way and that juicy win is in your pocket! So, whether you are a brainiac or one of those happy go lucky players who is just hunting for the thrill of the roll, here are some basic rules you must keep in mind to get the most out of this game:

• You can place bets on 44 different outcomes.
• Place your chips on the par of the table that represent the result you are betting on, just like when you play roulette.
• It is possible to place multiple bets on a single roll, but the table has a limit.
• Outcomes you can bet on include: the sum of all the numbers on the dice (from 4 to 17), small and big sums (small is an outcome between 4 to 10, big is a sum between 11 and 17), specific triples, any triple, specific doubles, 2 dice combo outcomes, and individual dice results.
• The odds are all on the table for you, and once you see them, you will also be able to better understand the kinds of bets you can make and how to calculate your risk.

Time to Roll Wildly on Sic Bo!

Now that you know just how Sic Bo operates, it is time to start rolling on this amazing game, brought to you by BGaming, right here at CryptoWild. Our staff is waiting for you to take all those amazing bonuses we have given you to the next level on Sic Bo. We will elevate your gaming experience further offering you the best customer care you can imagine. Just go ahead, place your bets on the table and turn Sic Bo into your wildest money maker!

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