June 11, 2019

Mechanical Orange Is All About Charm And Wild Wins!

Imagine the most amazing franken-game you would like to play, multiply the excitement by 100 and you get Mechanical Orange! This amazing BGaming slot game is a wild formula that we will help you figure out so you can spin and win. The game has highly creative images and animated action to go along with a unique set up that will captivate you from the first spin.

The Mechanical Orange Jackpot Formula

Before we get into the details of the game itself, it is important to understand exactly how it was created. Mechanical Orange is a Wheel of Fortune without the hangman word puzzles, multiplied by three, with a healthy addition of an industrial revolution-era portrayal of what reality would look like if everything was mechanized. When we say everything, we mean not only the pseudo-cyborg host with all kinds of mechanical equipment on his hands; even the fruits are mechanized in this game and brought alive with exquisite animation every time you score a win!

Spinning and Winning on Mechanical Orange is an Experience Like no Other!

As unique as it might be, the logic behind Mechanical Orange is that of a slot game. The game basically has a 3-reel, 1-pay line set up. Each reel is a wheel that is placed over a bigger reel/wheel. On each spin, the wheels will turn clockwise, with the smallest wheel stopping first, then the middle wheel and finally the big wheel.

If you align the symbols on the three wheels along the single pay line, you will hit a huge win. Here is exactly what you need to know to hit a win on every spin:

  • Mechanical Orange has 9 different symbols for you to align.
  • The joker is the wild symbol, replacing any symbol on the reels except for the scatter symbols. It appears only on reels 2, 3, and 4.
  • All the symbols except for one, are based on classic slot symbols.
  • The symbols in increasing pay out order, are: Mechanical cherries, a mechanical prune, a mechanical lemon, a mechanical orange, a mechanical watermelon, mechanical grapes, a hat with wings and binoculars, a mechanical four-leaf clover, and mechanical Lucky 7’s.
  • The respective pay outs for aligning those symbols on the three wheels are: x2, x3, x5, x10, x15, x25, x100, x250, and x1000.

Time to Become a Mechanical Orange Legend!

Now that you know just how easy it is to score a huge win on Mechanical Orange, it is time to enjoy the game’s uniqueness. Take a wild ride back to an industrial revolution-era mindset while you enjoy the amazing graphics and animation. Our staff here at CryptoWild will make your experience on Mechanical Orange even more unique with exceptional bonuses and top-notch customer care. Just go ahead, spin those 3 wheels and win big on Mechanical Orange!

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