February 5, 2019

Shoot For Jackpots On Max Quest-Wrath Of Ra!

As far as wildly unique games on a casino, there are none that can compare with Max Quest-Wrath Of Ra. This Betsoft game is the ultimate joy for gamers who are looking to make tons of money wile they shoot mummies, scarabs, and ancient Egyptian gods out of the screen with a wide variety of weapons. This is the most action-packed game you will ever see at a casino, since it is a combination of a first-person shooter game with a wagering element that will make your eyes pop out of your skull! Here is everything you need to know to make tons of money while you wreck your mouse and get finger cramps!

Feel the Wrath of Ra!

This deeply innovative game has great twists to it. The first aspect of the game you must understand is that on Max Quest-Wrath Of Ra each shot costs you money. Before you can go on a rampage, choose the room you want to shoot in and understand what you are shooting. Here is everything you need to know to turn your mouse into a jackpot-hunting precision rifle:

• You can choose from two rooms before you start shooting: the 0.01 and the 0.02 room. That will be the price of every shot you take while you embark on Max Quest-Wrath Of Ra.
• From that point forward, shoot for those jackpots1 Each shot will hit an enemy. If the enemy disappears, then the bullet will either ricochet off a wall and hit another enemy or the cost of the shot will be reimbursed.
• Enemies contain random prizes which you will get once you kill them.
• Enemies drop random weapons on the floor sometimes when you kill them. Hitting these weapons with a shot will make you hit more enemies at once. Those weapons are: the shotgun, the grenade, the machine gun, the laser and the plasma rifle.
• Bullets for special weapons don’t cost you a dime. These are the Free Spins of Max Quest-Wrath Of Ra!
• Accumulating special weapons will result in one of three chests dropping on the ground: the green, blue and red chests. These chests are filled with random rewards that will stuff your pockets as you land them.
• As far as enemies go, you will see a wide variety of them on the screen. Killing each requires varying degrees of accuracy and depending on the type of enemy, multiple shots.
• Your enemies – in increasing order of value – are: the shadow hatchling, the shadow scarab, the golden tomb scrabbler, the crypt watcher, the wrapped minion, the wrapped shadowguard, the wrapped spiritguard, a tahawy warrior, a crimson bataanta, an emerald bataanta, the risen fire mummy, Anubis, Osiris and Ra.
• Each enemy has a range of random wins it will give you when you kill it and some of them can give you special weapons – usually the most valuable ones.
• Shooting gods and earning special weapons give you the most points.
• Once you start shooting enemies, you will also collect experience points that will help you position yourself on leadership board with all the other players that go jackpot hunting on Max Quest-Wrath Of Ra!
• Once you start playing, the game can send you on specific quests to kill specific enemies for bigger prizes.

Go Wild, Shoot those Mummies and Become a Millionaire on Max Quest-Wrath Of Ra!

Now that you know just how wildly fun and rewarding this first-person shooter game can be, it is time to shoot for those jackpots, literally. Our staff here at CryptoWild will make sure to give you the best bonuses out there and the kind of customer care that will elevate your gaming experience. Just go into a room, and start shooting those mummies up to stuff your pockets big time!

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