July 15, 2019

Put Some Color On Your Wallet With Jogo Do Bicho!

Bingo! That’s the feeling you will get once you discover one of the most colorful games you will be able to find in BGaming’s Jogo do Bicho. This game will paint your wallet with the tones of every kind of coin you know while you have an amazing time enjoying the exquisite imagery it offers. The game is not too complex either, which adds to the fun you can have as you score win after win, with an innovative game that will get you out of the routine that run of the mill casino games get players into. To enjoy this game, however, there are a few things you must know.

Jogo do Bicho: The Symbols, the Plays and the Wins!

Jogo do Bicho is a bingo variant. The point of the game is to pick the kind of bet you want to make and how much you want to risk on the game’s roll. Here are the details about how you can play and make tons of money on Jogo do Bicho:

  • The game is based on 25 animals.
  • Each animal has 4 numbers associated to it.
  • Players can pick the kind of bet they are going to place on the animal’s side of the board from one bet to 5 bets on a single roll – single to penta.
  • On the numbers side – the “advanced” chest on the top right-hand corner – players can pick combinations of numbers to win on the sets of digits associated with each animal on the roll.
  • Players can also choose to raise the stakes on the numbers side with a bet on hundreds or thousands, and through the addition of bet lines composed of 4-digit sequences that the players choose.

Hit a Huge Jackpot with Your Favorite Animals!

Now that you know just how colorful and how easy it is to win on Jogo do Bicho, it is time to dive right into it. Our staff here at CryptoWild is ready to help you catch any loose animal to help you win, with our amazing bonuses and exceptional customer care. Just go ahead, discover the most colorful game out there, enjoy the best kind of entertainment available and hit those juicy jackpots right here at CryptoWild with Jogo do Bicho!

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