July 22, 2019

Do You Have The Gold Vein?

Take a journey through the gold rush years with a twist. It is time to start mining with all the charismatic characters to bring back that huge jackpot and make your journey one for the history books. If you have it in you, Booming Games’ Gold Vein will take you back in time with all the mining power you need to chip away at those gold nuggets like no one would have ever imagined back in the day. The question is: Do you have that Gold Vein? Even if you think you don’t, we can help you get it with our exclusive game tips.

Stacking Up Gold Nuggets on Gold Vein

To stack those gold nuggets high on Gold Vein, you must understand how to make the most out of every spin on this 5-reel, 20-pay line showstopper. Here are the key elements you should know to make your journey a lucrative one:

  • Gold Vein features a whopping 14 different symbols for you to align: a gold rinsing plate, a kerosene lamp, a pickaxe, the blue shirt miner, the green shirt miner, the red shirt miner, a gold nugget symbol, the special gold nugget symbol, the scatter cart with gold nuggets, the +1 scatter cart with gold nuggets, the +2 scatter cart with gold nuggets, the dynamite sticks and the x2 dynamite sticks.
  • Dynamite sticks are the wild symbols. They replace every other symbol on the reels except for the scatter carts.
  • X2 dynamite sticks are the multiplying wild. They appear on the random bonus reel.
  • Aligning gold nugget carts yields Free Spins. The +1 cart adds another Free Spin and the +2 cart adds two on Free Spin rounds. These symbols appear on the random bonus reel.
  • The special gold nugget symbol appears on the random bonus reel.

So, Do You Have the Gold Vein?

Now that you know how great your journey back to the gold rush era can be, it is time to find your own Gold Vein, and start spinning and winning big time. Our staff here at CryptoWild is thrilled to come along on your journey, enhancing your gaming experience with the best bonuses in the space and top-notch customer care. Just go right ahead, start spinning and hit those huge jackpots to become a Gold Vein legend!

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