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Blackjack Terminology: Answering the Internet's 20 Most Popular Blackjack Questions

CryptoWild has plenty of blackjack games that come in different themes. Among these are European Blackjack, Multihand Blackjack Pro, 21 Burn Blackjack, American Blackjack, Pirate 21 Blackjack, Super 7 Blackjack, and more. The basic rule of the game is simple: The player places a bet and tries to beat the dealer’s hand by getting as close to 21 as possible. And while this game is the easiest to learn among online casino games, there are - still - some popular terminologies that require understanding to increase your level of expertise.

This article answers the internet’s 20 most popular questions about blackjack.

1. What Does “Double Down” Mean In Blackjack?

Let’s say you’ve placed a bet, and the dealer has dealt your two cards: Then you look at the table and realize you have a chance of winning double the initial win value. In this scenario, the dealer will offer additional cards - to be dealt - to increase your odds; this is called a "double down," a term used in blackjack when players double their bets for an additional card to be dealt.

2. What Does “Insurance” Mean In Blackjack?

Now then, after you’ve made your winnings from your double down, you choose to place another bet, and the dealer deals two cards to your hand; then, you notice that your dealer’s upcard is an Ace. In this case, you will have the chance to place an additional bet, which will equate to half of your initial bet: This is called insurance: a situation in blackjack where a player can place a side bet when the dealer’s upcard is an ace.

3. What Does "Split" Mean In Blackjack?

On your third bet in the game, you realize that you’ve been dealt two of the same cards, or cards of the same rank. A split - in this case - is when a player has been dealt the same card twice, or cards of the same rank, and they get a chance to split them to make an additional bet of the same value, which will - in turn - qualify them for an additional card in each hand. When you, therefore, choose to split the two cards, each will be played separately to beat the player’s hand.

4. What Does “Surrender” Mean In Blackjack?

While playing your blackjack game of choice from CryptoWild, you then realize you're no longer on a winning streak; however, you’ve already placed your bet, and your dealer’s upcard is making you doubt your odds of winning. Most blackjack games allow you to surrender.

Surrendering in a blackjack game is when you take the option of forfeiting the game and receiving half of your initial bet back. Do note; you’re usually only allowed to surrender before additional bets have been taken from splits, double downs, and insurance.

5. What does “R” mean in blackjack?

Your blackjack game may not have the word “surrender” in writing; instead, the letter "R" may appear on the table to symbolize the option for this action. This letter notifies/indicates to you that you may forfeit the game and receive a cashback worth half of your initial bet.

6. What Does “Push” Mean In Blackjack?

Now that you’ve cleared your bets to start a new streak and you’re getting readjusted to the game, you realize that you and the dealer both have hands of the same value: This is called a "push," a case where your bet did not produce a win or loss, and you get to play again!

7. What Does “21 + 3” Mean In Blackjack?

In some blackjack games, the player's initial two cards and the dealer's upcard may be used to create a three-card poker hand. The strength of this poker hand then determines the payout: This is called a “21+3 side bet” offered to players during a game.

8. What Does “Monkey” Mean In Blackjack?

You may have heard the term "monkey" thrown around a lot in the gambling community. If you’ve ever wanted to update your blackjack terminology, you may have to know what this means. “Monkey,” in blackjack, refers to a card with a value of 10; this includes the king, queen, jack, and tens.

9. What Does “Rummy” Mean In Blackjack?

Rummy is a totally different game from blackjack, and it follows a different set of rules, though it also relies on a deck of cards for gameplay. You may have encountered people using the word in reference to blackjack, but even as a slang word, it is still an incorrect use.

10. What Does Soft Mean In Blackjack?

When a hand that has an ace is in a combination that counts the ace as an 11, this is what we call a "soft:" This means that when you have a 10, jack, queen, or king, and an ace in your hand, you have hit blackjack, and you get to win. Other combinations would be the soft 17, which is when there’s an ace and a 6 (11+6=17).

11. What Does “Soft 17” Mean In Blackjack?

When a hand contains an ace (that is counted as an 11) and a 6, this will give a value of 17 in the deal: this is considered a soft 17. And as you may have figured from the previously explored concept, the combination is considered “soft” because the ace is influential to the combination. In a soft 17, the player can request the dealer to hit, which could decrease the value of the ace depending on the outcome of the hit: however, this is not in all blackjack games.

12. What Does “Ace” Mean In Blackjack?

Perhaps the most powerful card in blackjack, along with the kings, jack, queen, and 10, the ace is a card that passes as the number 1 or 11 in the hand of blackjack. When the king, queen, jack, and 10 are on the same hand, the ace makes the hand total of 21, which is a winning combination called blackjack.

13. What Does “Bet Behind” Mean In Blackjack?

When playing a live dealer blackjack game, you might come across the term “bet behind,” which is where you get the chance to place a bet on another player’s hand. So, if you want to participate in a game but all the seats are taken, the "bet behind" allows you to play.

14. What Does “Hit” Mean In Blackjack?

By now, you may have read the term “hit” and heard it in the gambling community multiple times. Perhaps, based on the contexts provided in this article, you even understand its meaning. But for clarity's sake, a hit is when you choose to receive an additional card from the dealer in a blackjack game. You can choose to hit until you’re satisfied that your hand is as close to 21 as possible; however, if your hit adds a card that exceeds 21, your hand will bust.

15. What Does “Bust” Mean In Blackjack?

A bust is, therefore, a term used in blackjack when a player hits cards that exceed 21 and loses their bets. Which is how the game ends, until the player decides to play again.

16. What Does “Color Up” Mean In Blackjack?

While playing blackjack, if you decide to exchange your smaller denomination chips for larger denomination chips, this is called "coloring up.” E.g., if you have four $25 chips, you could exchange them for a single $100 chip.

17. What Is a Natural Blackjack Hand In Blackjack?

Say then that you place a bet in blackjack, and the dealer deals you your first two cards, which are a combination of a soft (an ace with the value of 11) and a monkey (a card with the value of 10): This would equal 21, which is called a "natural blackjack hand." The reason for this is that you will herein be guaranteed.

18. What Does “3 to 2” Mean In Blackjack?

A 3 to 2 payout ratio, or 3:2, is the payout ratio for a natural blackjack hand. This means that for every 2 units a player bets, they will receive a 3-unit payout. For example, if you place a $100 bet, you stand to win $150 in addition to their bet, which will add up to $250.

19. What Does “Hard and Soft” Mean In Blackjack?

Every good online casino game has terminologies that describe the quality or type of hand that a player has on the table. “Hard and "soft” are the terms used in blackjack. When a hand has an ace with the value of one or does not have an ace at all, this is called a "hard hand," as the player may have to hit again to reach 21. On the contrary, a soft, as previously described, is a hand that contains an ace with a value of 11.

20. What Does “Free Bet” Blackjack Mean?

Now that you understand blackjack, you may want to know if there is a chance for you to receive free bets: This is possible in blackjack: Granted, what makes blackjack a thrilling casino game to play online are its rules. Therefore, a "free bet" is awarded to players for hands with split pairs and double downs.


In conclusion, it is essential to understand the rules and terminologies used in games like blackjack: This helps enhance gameplay and strategy to increase your winning probability. With these 20 questions now answered, you are well on your way to becoming an advanced player. CryptoWild’s online casino blackjack game and some variations of blackjack that you could play include:

  • European Blackjack
  • American Blackjack
  • Multihand Blackjack
  • 21 Burn Blackjack
  • Super 7 Blackjack
  • And More
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