August 2, 2018

Binge On International Beer Day At CryptoWild And Win Big Time!

International Beer Day is upon us and here at CryptoWild we are hosting the wildest celebration you could possibly imagine. This glorious sparkly beverage has been the cornerstone of our social lives since we have use of memory – and lost it momentarily for binging to hard on it – and now it will be the cornerstone of one of our greatest bonuses ever. Stock up on ale, stout, porter, lager or whichever other variation you might like, because once you start spinning with our International Beer Day bonus, you will not be able to leave your chair – not even if you break the seal!

Get Tipsy with Tipsy Tourist on International Beer Day and Win Big!

CryptoWild is pairing you up with the drunkest of the drunk, the star of the party, the one and only character you can take International Beer Day to the next level with: Tipsy Tourist! Our incredible International Beer Day bonus will have you nursing Tipsy Tourist’s through his drunken adventures and picking up a fortune in the process! So, come and get the following International Beer Day bonus to drink as much as you want on the house while you take care of Tipsy Tourist, or he takes care of you:

  • Get an amazing 10 Free Spins on Tipsy Tourist and have another round on the house!
  • You can have as many as you want: you will get a bonus with each deposit on International Beer day.
  • On August 3rd, 2018, there is no other place to be other than at CryptoWild hitting insane jackpots on the house with those Free Spins, a cold one in your hands and Tipsy Tourist!
  • Minimum deposit of 0.001 BTC, 0.01 ETH, 0.01 BCH, 0.08 LTC and 2,000 DOG

Take that Jackpot Home, whether you are Drunk Enough or Not!

Now that you know just how madly wild our International Beer day bonus is, go ahead, claim your Free Spins on every deposit you make on August 3rd, and hit those jackpots round after round on Tipsy Tourist. Our staff here at CryptoWild can’t wait to see you drink like a fish, celebrating International Beer Day with round after round of Free Spins and amazing wins!

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